Afghan Independence Day Festival – Newark, CA


World Class Entertainment &
Proudly Presents:

The 5th Annual
Festival & Celebration
Sunday, August 13th 2017

We are proud to announce our 5th consecutive year celebrating our Independence Day with our beautiful Afghan community here in the Bay Area. The festival started in San Jose over a decade ago and then moved to Palo Alto. Now we are excited to have the opportunity to permanently produce the festival in the Tri-city. The Afghan community has very strong roots in the Tri-city area. Some would say it’s the heart of the Afghan community with over 10,000 families living within the Tri-city and surrounding areas.

The Afghan Independence Day
Festival & Celebration is FREE for all!!
Yes you heard right \”FREE ADMISSION\”

This year our Star performers are accompanied by amazing international dance teams, ethnic and modern fashion shows, cultural art exhibits, amazing Vendor bazaar, international food court, our amazing stage and lighting designs, local artists, celebrity guests.
Plus Much More….

Featuring Star Performances by:

Shekeb Osmani

Suliman Hamsada
Los Angeles

Hooria Aziz
San Francisco

Special Guest Host: Jawid Omar

plus much more…

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Afghan Independence Day Festival
Sunday, August 13th 2017

Festival Hours: 11AM to 10PM

Newark Pavilion (Outdoor Grounds)
6430 Thornton Ave
Newark, CA 94560

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also featuring:
Afghans Got Talent Live Show
Makeup Show
Fashion Shows
Amazing Dance Shows
Amazing Laser & Light Show
Special Guest singers
Plus much more…

\”Free Admission\”

We want to take our community to the next level….
Always pushing forward and growing…

Afghans are the Best!!! We Love you All…

We Deserve the Best…
Yes, bring your blankets
Yes, bring your small tents
Yes, there’s seating now for the elderly.
Yes, You can eat Afghan food & kabob
Yes, There are the Same Vendors in the Bazaar area
Yes, There’s still activities
Yes, There’s a Food Court
Yes, We also have a Indoor Air Conditioned Eating Area
Yes, We have the Kids Zone
Yes, There’s Tents
Yes, The Concert is Outside at the Main Stage
Yes, Its an Outdoor Festival
Yes, The Main Stage is Much Bigger
Yes, Its Free Admission
Yes, You can go on the Rides
Yes, All Ages are Welcome
Yes, We Love you All…
call toll free: 1-800-496-0130

Afghan Independence Day Festival
Sunday, August 13th 2017

Festival Hours: 11AM to 10PM

Newark Pavilion (Outdoor Grounds)
6430 Thornton Ave
Newark, CA 94560

Grand Opening: Children’s Museum of Science & Technology – August 17, 2017


After year and a half of planning, research, fundraising, consulting scientists & curators, procurement and recruiting the right staff, we are finally ready to unveil our first phase. Focusing on 6 areas of physics, chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy and mechanics/technology, our target audience are grades 6 – 12. We want children of this age to have access to hands on science and learn practically the theories and concept taught in books.

بعد از یک و نیم سال تحقیق، جمع آوری پول کافی، مشوره با دانشمندان و متخصصین، خریداری وسایط تخنیکی و استخدام پرسونل توانا، بلاخره ما آماده پیشکش مرحله اول نمایش استیم. با تمرکز به 6 ساحه مانند فزیک، کیمیا، بیالوجی، جیالوجی، ستاره شناسی، میخانیک و تکنالوجی، هدف ما اطفال صنوف 6 الی 12 میباشند. ما خواهان دسترسی اطفال درساینس بطور پرکتیک و عملی میباشیم. تنها توسط تجربه میتوان آنچه که در کتاب هاست بدرستی آموخت
Taimani – Kabul
Call to RSVP
موزیم اطفال برای
ساینس و تکنالوجی

کابل – تایمنی
اگست ۱۷. ۲۰۱۷
برای ثبت نام با ما بتماس شوید